Tenli VanRozeboom, RPT, CMT, CLT


Hands down the best massage I've ever had! She knows exactly where needs more attention and has a variety of methods between deep tissue, hot rocks, and cupping! Five out of five!!!

Kelli C



Tenli has quickly become the best massage therapist I've used. She listens to me and what I want an communicates with me as she discovers what my body needs. Twice I've come up ser her with leg issues from running and both times I left feeling soooo much better. I gifted my husband a massage. When he got home he said I don't remember any massages before her. That was the highest complement he could give her! I highly recommend her to family and friends.

Heather P.


I received a fabulous massage from Tenli. Upon arrival, she reviewed my intake form to see if I had any areas she needed to address. Tenli was very attentive and gave me the pressure that was right for my body. She is very knowledgeable because she is also a physical therapist. I highly recommend Tenli for massage therapy.

Sheri K

Rocklin, Ca

I have received numerous massages from Tenli, including a cupping massage, and she is fantastic!  Her extensive background as a physical therapist and knowledge of the human body sets her apart from other massage therapists. I appreciate that Tenli really listens to what's bothering you and focuses on healing specific ailments.  She has a sweet, inviting personality that makes you feel at ease.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, sore from an intense workout or just need a relaxing massage, Tenli is the massage therapist for you.

Rvr T.

San Luis Obispo, CA


Tenli worked wonders on my SI joint.  She identified issues that neither the chiropractor, doctor or even MRI scans revealed.  Tenli also sent me off with some physical therapy exercise techniques to rebuild the muscles in my left hip.  As a massage therapist she had just the right amount of pressure.  Whether you're there for a relaxing massage experience, or whether you want to tap her extensive knowledge , you'll definitely get your money's worth.

Missy H.

Pismo Beach, CA


Tenli is absolutely the best there is!  As an athlete who has benefitted greatly by her expertise, and trained with her extensively over ten years, I can highly recommend her.  Her experience as a physical therapist and her healing hands have made her the best there is.  Highly recommend her!

Marianne H.

Clovis, CA